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Dirk van den Broek

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The performance of a supermarket is highly depending on the quality of a supermarket manager. Because of the covid-19 pandemic many high-qualified people didn’t had a job, especially hospitality managers. Dirk saw great potential in them. Resulting in a ‘Retraining Week’, a recruitment campaign for that connected with the target group’s emotions. A new theme in Dirk’s longer-term recruitment campaign: the Dirk super-training.

SolutionRetaining like a pro

The Retraining Weeks for hospitality. A super-course in which we took the would-be managers and retrained them as store managers.

ImplementationNo hospitality habits

We launched with a prominent press release and a few short online videos in which our would-be store managers show they’ve not quite forgotten their hospitality habits.

ResultMaximum success

The Retraining Weeks were a success. In fact, the campaign was stopped after just 3 weeks as the maximum number of applicants that could be handled was reached.

ResultA keeper

The conversion to application of an average recruitment campaign on LinkedIn is somewhere between 0.2 and 0.5%. The ‘Retraining Week’ campaign scored 5%. (!) We obtained 328 applicants. Daily papers, radio programmes and current affairs items on tv all broadly covered the campaign and the story behind the Retraining Week. The total value of the free publicity came to over €60 thousand. The Retraining Week has since returned a number of times. It’s a keeper.

Facts & figures

An intriguing solution for a labour market problem.

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