Brand identity and Campaign


Brand identity and Campaign


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Fox-IT protects its clients against an invisible enemy: cyber criminals. Unfortunately, most clients don’t call until they’ve already had a break-in. So we developed a new international brand identity and international brand campaign to reveal the invisible. So we can help before it’s too late. Smart and visible.

SolutionVisible to everyone

We shine the blue Fox-IT light on seemingly innocent situations, so we can make it clear to everyone what the invisible risks are.

ImplementationFox-IT worldwide

Fox-IT goes international. First in the Netherlands, then Scandinavia, the United Kingdom, Australia and the United States using our campaign and the ‘Behind the screens’ series of videos in which Fox-IT specialists give us a peep behind the scenes. Make the invisible visible to everyone.

ResultA brand in development

From Fox-IT to NCC Group, our philosophy is being further developed. Active in four countries, at IT events and amongst an ever-growing group of entrepreneurs in small and medium-sized companies. And brand awareness keeps growing. Stay tuned for the latest brandbuster scores.

An international brand identity and brand campaign.

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