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The Mauritshuis may seem to be a museum purely for the art lover but it’s far broader than you think. However, this perception is an obstacle and we wanted to remove this obstacle by making paintings in the Mauritshuis relevant again for a younger target group. And we did. Using the idea of ‘look at the Mauritshuis using your ears.’ Musicians looked at art, got inspired, and made music for the paintings. It turned out to be a magic formula.

SolutionLook with your ears

We brought the work in the Mauritshuis to life by experiencing painting with senses other than just your eyes.

ImplementationYoung blood

The Mauritshuis asked contemporary, original and creative musicians to write a number about a piece of work in the Mauritshuis. It created a way of connecting the desired younger audience to the Mauritshuis.

A rich palette of artistsA rich palette of artists

We have already used this campaign with seven different artists. Daily papers, radio programmes and current affairs items on tv all paid lots and lots of attention to the campaign and the stories behind the works. With a maximum media budget of 20 thousand each time, we’ve already achieved the following:

ResultSpinvis, Merol, Willie Wartaal & Goldband

Spinvis’s song ‘Parel’ got more than 80,000 streams in 5 weeks, 231,038 times in total. Merol’s number ‘Slippertje’ got 335,934 streams on Spotify and 187k in traditional media value. The launch of Willie Wartaal’s number ‘Mootje’ got a Facebook reach of 10,679 viewers, and ‘Psycho’ by Goldband was played by the band at nearly every festival and the video clip we made got over 60k views on YouTube.

An intriguing solution for a new audience

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